The authenticity of our work depends on your willingness to go beyond a surface level acquaintance. We’re extra real with you so that you can be real with us. We will high five and hug at the wedding, not shake hands. It’s so much more than smiling for the camera. We want the experience to be meaningful and heartfelt, for all of us. 

Our goal is to create a space for you to be yourselves. 

We adore people and for us, it’s all about the relationship.

We get it...there is nothing natural about having your photo taken. We believe humans are meant to move and that’s how we approach our weddings and sessions. You’ll mostly see images full of motion, goofiness, and a few traditional portraits mixed in.

The reality is, you’ll spend more time with us on your wedding day than most of your guests. It will go so fast but we work extra hard so you can stay present and breathe it all in. 

On your wedding day, we pay special attention to much more than the obvious things that are happening. We’re scanning our surroundings to document what would otherwise go unnoticed. That huge smile on your Grandpa’s face, your mom fighting back tears while she buttons your dress, your friends from opposite worlds having a fiercely competitive dance off.


After years of shooting weddings, we’d like to think we’ve struck the perfect balance between offering direction and being flies on the wall.

Overall, we approach weddings with a playful and journalistic eye to tell the unique story of your day in a way that is creative and full of joy. 

You love the vibe on the site and/or have stalked us on Instagram and send us an email.



The four of us set up a FaceTime or phone call to get to know each other and hopefully exchange lots of jokes and good cheer.



We become instant friends and you book us for the big party! Lauren will send a big ol’ wedding guide with tips on how to get the best possible wedding photos/footage.



In the weeks before your wedding, we’ll work closely with you / your planner / your mom on a photography  & videography timeline so no parts of the day feel rushed. We’ll also ask for a list of family photo groupings that we’ll print out and bring to the wedding.



The wedding day finally arrives! We arrive an hour early before officially shooting to hug you both and scout the venue for the best photo spots.



Lauren will send you a few sneak peek shots a couple of days after the wedding. While you’re enjoying your first couple of weeks of marriage, we’ll be hard at work editing your photos and footage and will email you everything as soon as we can! 



You freak out over how beautiful your photos and films are (we love when you see yourselves the way we see you) and we stay buddies for life.



Our Process

You’d rather run across Michael Scott’s coal walk than have a camera focused on you

Friends would describe you as laid back but madly in love

When people ask "What did you do For New Year's Eve, you say "tons of board games"

You think weddings are fun but the marriage is what you’re focused on making awesome

We probably want to get a beer with you if:


Most couples spend about $5600 with us for their wedding photos and films combined. Because we feel videography is such an important part of documenting the day, we offer a $300 discount when booked for both photo and film! Contact us for the detailed pricing guide.

"I could never say enough great things about Lauren and Mitchell. Their work, their passion, their professionalism, their character- I thoroughly enjoyed working with them and getting to know them. Their work speaks for itself. They did a PHENOMENAL job on our wedding pictures and video. Everything was beautiful."



Yep! Typically, we will spread out either two or four payments (based on your preference) from the time you book to the final payment due one week before the wedding date. Being upfront and realistic about your budget gets us all on the same page- and if we're not the best fit, we’ll recommend other great photographers and videographers! 

To the ends of the earth for you! Just let us know your location and we’ll figure out a reasonable cost of travel and include it in the collection price.

If you love what you see and we’re available for your date, we’ll email a digital contract that's super easy to sign online. Once the first payment has been processed, your wedding will be officially on our calendar!

Choosing which photos and clips to edit, perfect, and deliver takes some seriously obsessive hours. The content that isn't included in your gallery or films are duplicates or shots where Uncle Lou has his eve’s closed! Lauren typically over-delivers on photos anyway, and Mitchell includes nearly all of the footage in the documentary film!

All edited images are uploaded to an online gallery. We will email the link and allow you to distribute the gallery to friends and family for personal use. All of the images are high resolution, easy to download to your computer, and great for prints and social media posts. Mitchell will send you Vimeo links for easy, high resolution downloading and sharing of your films!

We’d love to share a full gallery and films with you! We’ll just need a few details so we can share a wedding that is similar to the vibe you’re going for. Ideally, we’ll have a wedding to show you from the same season and similar venue!

You can purchase prints through us if you like. They are great quality and are as true to the coloring in the digital image as possible. However, you’re welcome to print the photos anywhere!

Absolutely! We are happy to provide proof of General Liability insurance and a copy of our business license. We like to be legit, pay taxes, and stay on top of all the fun detailed stuff that comes with running a business!

We’re Canon folks and shoot on two 5D Mark IV’s, and 5D Mark III, and a 6D with 35mm, 135mm, and 85mm lenses. We also use two 600EX II-RT speedlites as a secondary light source only when necessary. Natural light is our first choice, however, what makes for a romantic atmosphere (string lights, candles) at a reception can translate into a super dark and grainy photo. So the flash gives a little boost!

While we’re shooting, our cameras record each image or video clip to two different memory cards simultaneously. Should one memory card fail, the other has it backed up! We also own file recovery software in the unlikely situation that both memory cards malfunction. The images are transferred to our desktop then backed up on a cloud-based storage service, and an external hard drive before editing begins. Once you've downloaded the wedding gallery and films, we recommend that you should also back up the photos in several places, too!






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