We are bottomless wells of enthusiasm and humor. Whether it’s bridesmaids shotgunning PBR’s or a secret couple handshake, we’re game for all things that make the experience unique to you!

We are so dang lucky to work with truly awesome people from so many backgrounds. Your color, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, shape, gender identity, tattoos, and wacky birthmark are part of your humanity and therefore worthy of celebration. 

We're your cheerleaders with pro cameras in hand instead of pom poms. Nothing makes our hearts sing like knowing that you don’t just look really good but FEEL really good while having your day documented!

Workouts that don’t feel like workouts

Walks in neighborhoods we could never afford

Scrambling to build a campfire before the sun goes down

Happy humans who boldly follow their bliss

Parks & Rec (Jean-Ralphio & Mona Lisa specifically)

A great deal on boxed wine

We Love

We are as goofy as we are attentive, deeply caring, and service-oriented. We will go to the moon and back for you because that’s just our hearts doing their thing. 

The Love Behind the Lens


It all started at a coffee shop in our college town. Lauren would study there in the mornings and couldn’t tell if Mitchell liked her because he was so sweet and funny with every customer. Eventually, she noticed Mitchell sweeping around her table for no reason and asking if she had the wifi password every ten minutes.


To make a long story short: We wish we could tell you an inspiring story about photography being a lifelong passion for us and that this was always the plan.

 Truthfully, the most high-tech camera gear we had until 2016 were those disposable cameras that could also take photos underwater. Lauren took a DSLR photography class in high school and hated it. Fast forward to 2015 when we moved to Nashville, TN for Mitchell to work in the music industry. Lauren assumed that watching him grow a business with his art would also be fulfilling for her - alas, it was not! As a gift for her birthday (and an attempt to get some free content for his music) Mitchell bought Lauren a heavily used and loved Rebel T2i. For weeks, she took terrible pictures of flowers, coffee cups, and skylines. Eventually her pictures got better. She taught herself how to shoot in manual and conquer complicated editing software programs.

One day Mitchell asked her “would you ever consider shooting a wedding?” Lauren laughed loudly and sarcastically. The next morning a friend texted “I know you’ve never shot a wedding before, but would you consider shooting mine?” The universe had spoken and Lauren was up all night after that first wedding scheming of ways she could do this awesome gig full time. With his natural affinity for all things complex and technical, Mitchell couldn’t help but also pick up a camera and the business has basically been super fun double dates ever since! 

We love this work because it lights up the creative and problem solving parts of our brains. We walk into all types of lighting scenarios, weather, and family dynamics. To say that we are experts at managing the full spectrum of wedding drunkenness is an understatement. What began as a hobby to explore a new city has become the obsession of a lifetime. It’s a dream getting to travel together and help people relive one of the happiest days in their marriage!

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