outdoor wedding in St. Louis

Top 3 Tips For Your Outdoor Wedding in St. Louis

We could not be bigger fans of an outdoor wedding in St. Louis! The trees, flowers, lakes, and fields are all of the decorations you’ll ever need! But for all of the amazing potential of an outdoor wedding in St. Louis, there may also be a few unexpected things to deal with. Here’s how you […]

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authentic wedding photos

Authentic wedding photos, in our opinion, are the most emotional and sentimental. Powerful images that you look back on and think “wow, I am in love with this person because I can see how much they mean to me.” After years of shooting weddings, we can tell you that the magic happens when the focus […]

6 Secrets For Getting Authentic Wedding Photos

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4 Reasons To Hire a Wedding Photo and Video Team

When I first started shooting photography, it was a distant dream to one day have Mitchell rocking video alongside me. Luckily for our couples, he has BLOOMED in this craft over the last year! We are so heckin’ excited to be able to offer wedding videography! Hiring a photo and video team is a huge […]

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