Bright + Ballooned Wedding at Allenbrooke Farms

Cassie & Landon |  Allenbrooke Farms in Spring Hill, TN


Cassie and Landon’s wish for their wedding day was that everyone have a throw down time and let me tell you, dreams come true! Mitchell and I totally fell in love with them, the decor, the family members and wedding party. Just a really bomb day. I’m pretty sure my heart stopped when I saw the balloons inside the reception space, like who doesn’t want TONS of balloons at a party?! But we were feelin’ all the feels during their vows, they’ve been together since high school! Let’s just say that Mitchell and I would not have been attracted to each other had we met in high school… Cassie and her mom had matching tattoos which made me tear up and OF COURSE to top it all off, there was an incredible fireworks exit! We absolutely adored them and are so happy they made their lifelong love official!